My name is Delos Wilbur.

My professional passion is trying to simplify IT and attempt to use it to simplify people’s lives versus complicate or frustrate them. IT should make things easier and more intuitive but instead it often becomes an overload of information and frustrating for the end user.

I worked within corporate IT for 10 years then in 2020 moved into the oncology area. I have spent the last 20 years working in customer support and management within the Radiation Oncology industry both on the vendor and provider sides.

I am now providing advice for customers on how to understand and protect their data. Radiation Oncology just in day to day function produces a massive amount of data related to patient care. With the exception of during the actual treatment planning and delivery process vendor systems have historically not handled this data well. That is beginning to change but it is still a paradigm shift in thinking and is happening very slowly.

My goal is to provide advice where I can in enabling that transition. I am also working with Mercurius Health a great company of likeminded professionals providing these services to customers in Oncology throughout Europe and beyond.